TAKEGOODCARE™ is a Oslo based creative content company making graphic content and limited edition unisex apparel though extensive research and selected distribution. Founded in 2016 and based in the center of Oslo, Norway.


We believe in a hands on approach to design and the idea that unperfection and irregularity gives great beauty and spirit. Inspired by art, fashion, music and architecture TAKEGOODCARE™ mixes subtile pop culture references with a contemporary edge. 


Experience and research is the key. The founder grew up with street and skate culture in the 90’s, and worked in a skate shop from the age of 17. This made the base for his esthetic taste, and interest in clothing. After many years in the fashion industry working as a designer, with annual trips to Tokyo, LA, NYC and London, his experience concluded in the founding of TAKEGOODCARE™.


«TAKEGOODCARE™ is much more than a brand. It's about new ways to think of a product, and new ways to getting out to the consumer. Working and designing hands-on is crucial to how a product or piece of clothing looks and feels, staying true to the DIY mentality, and looking at the products as projects that should develop organically. Design should be simple and effortless, great design can not be forced»  - Jens B. Founder and Creative Director.


The Story of the «YINYANGISH» Even though TAKEGOODCARE™ makes a fair amount of graphics, this little gem has become a favorite and a recurring graphic on our products. Designed to symbolizes imperfection, it represents or DIY mentality.

Company information;

TAKEGOODCARE™ is a brand owned by the RYE®A/S Company. 

Org. /VAT 915 299 687 Registered in Norway.

Registered office / Oslo, Norway

Take Good Care!